California cooking tour Spring 2017

I spent a week back in California in March, teaching two classes a day to so many lovely people. This was my fourth cooking tour. I always plan everything with...

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a day with friends in wine country

One of the things I miss about living in California, aside from our friends, is the amazing wine. Before moving there my experience of California wine, like most Brits was...

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homemade and heartfelt gifts

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t like having to tell people what I want for Christmas. I always hope that people know me enough to pick me a surprise....

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California cooking tour Autumn 2016

I’m back in England after my third California cooking tour. Teaching two classes a day with jetlag isn’t the easiest way to pay the bills, but I love it and...

California cooking tour
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cooking on stage at Carfest

I love cooking in front of a crowd, so when I got a message from the organisers of Carfest, asking me to cook on stage I was so excited. I’d...

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