some new ingredients

A couple of the ingredients I’m using right now aren’t easy to get at the supermarket. You can buy them from Amazon using the links here. Nduja This comes as a...

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Halloween and Bonfire Night recipe ideas

Those of us who would describe ourselves as ‘indoorsy’ come into our own at this time of year. I love summer but I am an autumn person at heart. Give...

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Win my favourite kitchen kit and a 1 hour class

Win a parcel of my essential kitchen kit and a 1 hour Facetime cooking class or coaching session with me. We can cover whatever you like in that hour. I...

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how to freeze and defrost safely and easily

In my last post, I shared some of my favourite things to keep in the freezer, along with what I add to those meals to make them extra delicious when...

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how to embrace your freezer and enjoy chilled mealtimes

I feel a bit twitchy if my freezer isn’t stocked with things I can easily turn into a quick meal. The secret is not just knowing what and how to...

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don’t forget the salt

I recently cooked with children at my sons’ school and was blown away at how many children said they didn’t like tomatoes. You know that kills me. Anyway, I had...

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are you storing your tomatoes all wrong?

This is a simple tip but one that always divides the room in my cooking classes. If you automatically put tomatoes in the fridge when you get home from the...

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a word or few on snacking

Things can go a bit awol over the summer. Or maybe you’re already struggling with a picky eater and have more energy to tackle to the problem over the summer....

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summer holiday eating tips

One of the things I love most about summer is the fact my children can eat outside more (even if they don’t want to), so I have less time crawling...

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